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Winamp Full is the newest version of Winamp. It is totally tailored to you, not too mention easy to use and also a great way to play MP3 files. Just imagine your bulky media player and all of the neat things you can do in it, now imagine that same media player taking up half the space and using less than half of the same resources. Wow now that is a serious and fun way to play your favorite songs.


Wow there are really too many to mention but I will give it a try. First is the adjustable equalizer settings fit to your listening pleasure, then we have the selection of really nice skins included in the download and even more you can get off the web, these of course come with a wide variety of colors to use. The Winamp not only plays your CDs and Mp3, but .wav, MID, and MOD as well. It also has Shout Cast Radio and TV stations, and you can get even more of your favorite classics on AOL Radio and AOL video. Oh and are you looking for more MP3 songs, well the Winamp Full with eMusic can get you 50 free songs.

The file size is another Pro with it only being 6.44 MB in size, and that it works on all Windows 9.x series, NT, 2000, ME and XP as well. Oh and did forget to mention the biggest Pro of all? It?s totally and completely free. You can even make your own special play list in Winamp just for you and then your family can make up their own list as well. Also remember that completely customizable EQ I mentioned, it can be adjusted and saved for each and every type of song, from Jazz to Rock and Roll. Need a little culture in your life? Well Winamp has that covered as well with its biographies and photos, and need more room for your music well you can get 3 GB of free music storage on the Internet.


Hmm cannot really find too many, except that I haven?t found a version for the Mac pc yet.


Well I really only have one other thing to add then I am going to shoo you into getting your own, and that is did you know you can burn CDs in it as well? You can start from the best quality at 2x and going up to the fastest at 48x.

Now I know you want to know my rating well, all I can honestly give it is a very nice and solid 9.5 out of 10 and that is only because they took so long in coming out with this version.

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